Drone Footage: Birds and Boats… and Castles

Drone Footage: Birds and Boats… and Castles


Turn on HD settings for this one! I had a lot of fun the past few days trying to be David Attenborough (the Planet Earth guy for you disconnected folks out there). England is abundant in beauty with its epic coastlines and incredible autumn colors… not to mention they have freaking castles, which America is certainly lacking.

Jess and I took a trip 4 hours south last weekend to London for a friends birthday. We couldn’t help but stop a few times along the way to capture some footage. Enjoy!

Check out our Hadrian’s Wall video here: Edge of Empire: Hadrian’s Wall Drone Video

Edge of Empire: Hadrian’s Wall Drone Video

(turn on HD settings in bottom right corner of video)

Hadrians Wall. The edge of an empire once so vast it contained half of the world’s population.  To the North, Picts and Caledonians await their chance to storm the border. On this wall, men lived and died by the sword, to protect the empire. Continue reading “Edge of Empire: Hadrian’s Wall Drone Video”