Drone Footage: Birds and Boats… and Castles

Drone Footage: Birds and Boats… and Castles


Turn on HD settings for this one! I had a lot of fun the past few days trying to be David Attenborough (the Planet Earth guy for you disconnected folks out there). England is abundant in beauty with its epic coastlines and incredible autumn colors… not to mention they have freaking castles, which America is certainly lacking.

Jess and I took a trip 4 hours south last weekend to London for a friends birthday. We couldn’t help but stop a few times along the way to capture some footage. Enjoy!

Check out our Hadrian’s Wall video here: Edge of Empire: Hadrian’s Wall Drone Video

Vodka, Gin, Rum, Grain Alcohol, more Vodka: The Hand Grenades of New Orleans

Vodka, Gin, Rum, Grain Alcohol, more Vodka: The Hand Grenades of New Orleans

So, you’ve ventured to New Orleans and you’re having a nice quiet night snuggled up in a blanket, reading your favorite book in your hotel room. You hear the drunken laughter of the stumbling hooligans on the street below. “Ha, what fools, spending their New Orleans vacation in a drunken daze”, you think to yourself. You cut the light off at 9PM, leaving yourself ample time to wake up at 5AM for morning aerobics down by the bayou. This, ladies and gentlemen, is NOT how you do a New Orleans vacation. If you were thinking to yourself “wow, that’s my kind of vacation” while reading the above, please close this window now.

maxresdefaultNew Orleans is a city rich in history, vibrant in culture, and buzzing with nightlife. When Jess and I ventured to New Orleans, we were on a mission. A mission to experience everything the “Big Easy” had to offer. During the day, we saw the sights, did a ghost tour, and some other stuff that I’m sure Jess will talk about on here at some point. I’m not here to discuss the sight-seeing stuff though. I’m here to talk about one thing and one thing only. A beast of a drink so strong it’ll put you on the midnight train to black-out town faster than you can say “I love cajun food and Mardi Gras”. This, my friends, is the infamous New Orleans Hand Grenade. To find these, you’ll want to venture to Bourbon Street in the French Quarter. Since the actual drink recipe is a secret, only Tropical Isle and Funky Pirate are the two “official” places to get 19962196-tropical-isle-neon-sign-in-french-quarter-of-new-orleans-louisianathe Hand Grenade, but plenty of places sell Hand Grenades, and we couldn’t tell the difference on our trip (sorry).

Hand Grenades are served in souvenir cups that you get to keep, which is always a fun little perk right?  In addition, a cute plastic grenade is placed on the top, which many bars will have you throw into baskets or netting draped from the ceiling.


That all sounds like a blast right? Innocent enough? Well, don’t be fooled by those stupid looking faces on the cup. These things are delicious pure evil (that’s a flavor). Here’s the ingredient breakdown:

  • Vodka
  • Gin
  • Rum
  • Grain Alcohol
  • Melon Liqueur

If you’ve heard of a “Hurricane” cocktail before, you might think you’re fully prepared for the Hand Grenade. The Hurricane is like the Hand Grenade’s weaker baby brother, trying to grow up to be like big bro. Although the Hand Grenade is incredibly strong, the Melon Liqueur adds just the right sweetness to hide its powerful punch. If you can endure the hangover from consuming more than one of these, I absolutely recommend riding this roaring river of a drink down to flavor town. Jess and I found out the hard way that these things will sneak up on you, I’d love to go into the details but my mom might read this.

  • Drink Score:
    • Strength: 8
    • Flavor: 7
    • Cool Cup: 9
    • Final Score: 8

If this seems like to much for you… I also recommend the Huge Ass Beers.


Edge of Empire: Hadrian’s Wall Drone Video

(turn on HD settings in bottom right corner of video)

Hadrians Wall. The edge of an empire once so vast it contained half of the world’s population.  To the North, Picts and Caledonians await their chance to storm the border. On this wall, men lived and died by the sword, to protect the empire. Continue reading “Edge of Empire: Hadrian’s Wall Drone Video”