About Us

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Positive Confusion is the budding brainchild of Jess & Dylan, a freshly-married couple currently sitting on opposite sides of the Atlantic. That’s us up there, by the way – and yes, we are Positively Confused.

“What the heck does that even mean?!” I hear you cry… Well, allow me to explain. 

Life begins with confusion. Our time on this giant, spinning rock comes with no instruction manual, no clear set of rules, and seemingly no rhyme or reason to it at all. That white stork just drops you straight out the sky into a world of chaos, algebra, and blinking lights and says, “Kid, you better hit the ground running!” Damn right, we’re confused.

And then there’s the Big Confusing Questions – the ones that your extended family love to ask over Christmas dinner. “So, what will you do for money? Where will you live?” With a world so bewilderingly big and beautiful, and with so much to experience before the sands run out, how the hell are you meant to choose?

As a long-distance couple with fresh degrees and even fresher wedding rings on our fingers, Dylan and I have faced these confusing questions over and over again. And, believe me, we have absolutely no idea what the f**k we’re doing. But this kind of confusion is Positive Confusion. It’s exciting. And, whilst it’s easy to become exhausted by the uncertainty of it all, it’s important to realise Positive Confusion is a luxury. Many are born into worlds so small, they never even get asked the questions.

So, Dylan and I are embracing our confusion. We’ve decided to just cling to each other and try figure the world out, one visa, one plane ticket, and one tequila shot at a time. We don’t have all the answers (in fact we have very few), but we do have a few stories and anecdotes that might help you on your way.

So, where should you start? How about back where it all began, when Dylan and I first met, in the good ole’ USA.

Hope you enjoy exploring with us,


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